PaperSeal® - the green smart generation

PaperSeal® - the green smart generation

We have been talking a lot about our planet recently and about the disasterious effects on it.

What can we do? Can we start the changes today? - yes, we can. We can change our habits and operate long-term system solutions. G.Mondini with their solutions help us.

PaperSeal® offers the following key benefits:

✅ 80% reduction in plastic,

✅ The liner forming station is executed with ZERO® technology eliminating all process / skeletal waste,

✅ Easy separation of the liner from paper board for simple and efficient recycling at end of life,

✅ PaperSeal® trays are delivered as flat boards in order to significantly reduce transport and storage costs compared to premade trays,

✅ A unique tray erecting / lining process to generate the perfect sealing surface,

✅ Guaranteed state of the art seal integrity on the G. Mondini Trave, equal to traditional plastic packaging,

✅ The availability of different liners and paper boards offers technical solutions to suit any product, including ‘wet’ products like fresh fish,

✅ Presented for Top Seal, Modified Atmosphere and Vacuum Skin formats,

✅ 360° branding and marketing communication on all surfaces of the PaperSeal® package,

✅ High quality print and graphics for premium branding design.

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