Zdalna pomoc programem TeamViewer

To meet the expectations of our customers, we provide remote technical support services in the use of our software.

We use TeamViewer QuickSupport, which allows you to conveniently, quickly and safely provide remote assistance services.

With TeamViewer Serwisant, you can connect to a remote PC or server in seconds and remotely control it in exactly the same way as if you had physical access to it. During its operation, all actions will be visible on your computer screen and saved in the event log file.

To use remote assistance, please contact our website during the company's working hours to determine the scope, date and conditions of the service.

How to use remote assistance?

1. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Download the TeamViewer QuickSupport remote assistance program: Download TeamViewer QuickSupport

Just save the application to your desktop or anywhere on your hard drive - you don't need to install it.

2. Launch TeamViewer

Run the downloaded file and give us your session ID number and four-digit password.

Note: The computer that will be included in the remote assistance must have Internet access.