Yakudo NET

Software for managing DIGI weighing and labeling devices.

DIGI device management software

Intelligent data updates

Store or chain management


Task automation

Friendly and intuitive user interface

Plugins extending functionality

The most important features

Web application

Access from anywhere via a web browser.

It meets the current requirements

Constantly adapted to changing regulations.


The built-in allergen dictionary enables automatic identification of allergens in the composition of products.

Store management

Central and individual management of devices located in many stores.

Checking connection to devices.

Visible online device status.

One database

Database located on the server.


Yakudo NET software is used to manage DIGI scales and labeling devices. It is a web application available through a web browser in which all data is collected and stored on the server.

In its basic functionality, the Yakudo.NET application allows you to:

  • device management:

    o defining and configuring devices

    o device status monitoring (online / offline)

    o organizing devices into groups and stores

  • goods database management:

    o about defining goods

    o organization of goods into groups (segments) and divisions

    o assigning goods to devices / shops

  • meat / fish data management and attribution to commodities / devices

  • management of the allergen base:

    o to define allergens

    o automatic determination of allergens in the ingredients of the goods in accordance with the selected formatting

    o import of allergens from txt / csv / xls files

  • multimedia management and assigning them to goods / devices

  • graphic label editor

  • graphic editor of mechanical / screen keyboards (possibility of printing an insert for the operator inserted into the mechanical keyboard)

  • data update module on devices

  • a task scheduler module that allows you to automatically run repetitive tasks

  • a diagnostics module that allows the administrator to be notified in case of problems

Note: Some features or functionality may not be available depending on your device model.

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