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Over 20 years of experience in Poland allowed us to thoroughly understand the needs of our clients. It is with them in mind that we have created a group of solutions signed with our own brand.
DIGI is the world's leading manufacturer of electronic scales as well as food packaging and labeling equipment. The Japanese company has been setting new standards since 1928 by creating innovative technical solutions, successfully implementing them commercially around the world.
Anritsu Infivis provides first-class equipment for automatic weight checking, goods inspection and contamination detection in mass produced goods.
G. Mondini is a company famous for its high-performance equipment for packing on trays, famous for its exceptional versatility and the ability to adapt to needs of most demanding customers.
Ravenwood Packaging Ltd. is a supplier of high performance sleever label printers. The linerless technology used in the devices allows the labeling of products even of very irregular shapes.
Turbovac is a leader in vacuum packaging equipment. Established in the Netherlands, the company has been successfully combining the most modern design with reliability and the highest quality standards for over 60 years.
Econo-Pak produces devices to produce cardboard boxes. Provides delivery to top, side, carton wrapping and collective carton. Many years of experience allows Econo-Pak to create products, that meet the requirements of customers.
Skanem jest jednym z wiodących producentów etykiet samoprzylepnych w Europie, a także szybko rozwijającym się przedsiębiorstwie w Azji i Afryce. Skanem to 11 jednostek produkcyjnych w 8 krajach i we wszystkich utrzymuje się wysoki standard jakości, czego dowodem jest również certyfikat ISO 9001.

Our offer

We offer a wide range of devices and software for trade, the food industry and logistics.

Shop scales

Discover the wide range of DIGI commercial scales and weighing systems: checkweighers, calculating scales, storage scales, labeling scales and scanner scales. Regardless of the model - the scales have a modern design, practical functionality and are easy to use. DIGI scales from YAKUDO are the best choice of a weighing device for your business.

Kasy fiskalne

Kasa fiskalna (kasa rejestrująca) to urządzenie elektroniczne, służące do rejestracji sprzedawanych produktów lub usług (podatku dochodowego i VAT), należnego ze sprzedaży detalicznej.

Payment terminals

Regardless of whether we do our daily shopping nearby our grocery store or refuel the car at a gas station - it's hard to imagine not being able to pay by card. In the current situation, contactless transactions are of particular importance when the terminal is the safest form of payment, both for the customer and the employee. Check how in a few steps you can speed up the processing of your payments and develop your business with YAKUDO!

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic price labels ESL streamlining and simplifying the work of store service by automating changes in prices of goods, dedicated exclusively to cooperation with DIGI brand scales.


Device management and configuration software.

Wrappers (weight-wrap-label systems)

To meet the restrictions of the food industry, we provide comprehensive packaging machines, including groceries. Explore tray and vacuum packaging machines, hot tables, traysealers and water shrink machines.


The offer includes white and thermal labels in various sizes and continuous labels (linerless).

Scale accessories

Accessories for scales such as weighing pans, cables, batteries and stands.

Automatic weight labellers

These devices are used at every stage of production, packaging and distribution of the product. Automatic weighing and labeling lines are dedicated to production plants, but also located in commercial facilities. They perform weighing functions, enabling precise printing and application of labels on packaged products.

Manual weight labellers

Compact and at the same time fully efficient weighing and labeling devices from DIGI and YAKUDO will prove themselves in commercial facilities, in food industry lines and in any industrial sector where the product is weighed and labeled. Weighing and labeling machines are used for accurate weighing and manual labeling of individual products that are finally on store shelves or in other industries, applying labels to fixed weight products.

Wrappers (weight-wrap-label systems)

To meet the restrictions of the food industry, we provide comprehensive packaging machines, including groceries. Explore tray and vacuum packaging machines, hot tables, traysealers and water shrink machines.

Metal detectors

The applicable law requires the producers to carry out an inspection of the final product. What's more - strict conditions imposed by customers of final products, discount chains and supermarkets, as well as internal quality control of production force the use of devices such as metal detectors. Find out more about YAKUDO's Anritsu metal detectors, unrivaled in the food industry.

X-RAY Detectors

Anritsu is a global manufacturer of the most accurate and reliable x-ray inspection systems that provide exceptional detection and product integrity checks. Discover our X-ray machines with the latest contamination detection technology. X-RAY Anritsu scanners are the best device for deficiency and completeness checks to ensure the safety of end consumers. Learn more about Anritsu's X-RAY Scanners.

Panel PCs and weight indicators

Devices constituting the hardware base for IT solutions and industrial scales.

Industrial scales

DIGI industrial scales, made of stainless steel, are designed for the industrial sector. These scales include a backlit LCD display, console with RS-232 (arm or wall-mounted), "SetPoint" function, battery exhaustion indicator, mains or battery power (optional).

Warehouse scales

Checkweighers with high load capacity, perfectly suited to the back of the store.

Dynamic scales

Devices for controlling the mass of packaging in motion.

Cartoning equipment

Equipment for forming cartons, closing, loading the product and packing into collective cartons.


High-performance sleever label printers

Urządzenia do banderolowania

Maszyna do banderolowania DIGI RGW-560II to urządzenie do banderolowania przeźroczystych etykiet, które prezentują produkt, jednocześnie oferując szerokie możliwości informacyjne oraz bezpieczne opakowanie. Elastyczna, przeźroczysta etykieta produktu umożliwia doskonałą ekspozycję produktu, zwiększając jego atrakcyjność.

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