Implementation of self-service multimedia scales in Polish retail chains.

Implementation of self-service multimedia scales in Polish retail chains.

The latest technology and useful functions are the perfect combination for efficient and pleasant customer service on the weighing-labeling device. Regardless of whether they are working on the fruit and vegetable islands or in the department with construction accessories - they ensure a fast and comfortable process of weighing and labeling products. In this article, we will present the latest implementation of DIGI’S self-service scales, which work well in well-known retail chains, both in Poland and around the world.

Implementation of self-service scales in the A&K Hurt Market stores.

The DIGI SM-6000SSP self-service scale is the latest proposal of a labeling scale in the multimedia scale segment, which, thanks to its advanced technology, enables faster and more efficient customer service. The DIGI SM-6000 multimedia scale features many practical functionalities, including:

  • a unique cutting mechanism that automatically cuts the printed label - the cut is smooth, just like in a traditional label;

  • label autosizing - the size of the label is adjusted to the actual amount of printed data; the use of autosizing significantly reduces the consumption of labels and improves the aesthetics and attractiveness of printed labels;

  • the device is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of a linerless printer, which allows you to save up to 30% of the consumption of labels; losses related to downtime in the operation of the device are reduced;

  • in the multimedia scale you will find a big, 15" tablet-shaped touch screen, which, thanks to its high resolution and friendly graphics, facilitates and speeds up the operation of the device.

DIGI SM-6000SSP self-service scales in the fruit and vegetable department.

A&K Hurt Market chain stores were looking for a multimedia scale with a linerless printer for fruit and vegetable islands. In the past, A&K Hurt Market stores did not have such weights in this department. Self-service scales have been installed by our regional partner - Motronik. Self-service scales perfectly fit the needs of the A&K chain, which is why the brand owners are planning further installations of DIGI scales in the future. The A&K chain has been using our labeling scales on meat and sausage counters for years, so the client trusted us again by choosing DIGI multimedia scales.

Self-service scales in other departments in well-known retail chains.

DIGI self-service scales can also be found in stores with other business profiles, incl. in construction stores - in the screw and nail departments. Self-service scales are already a standard in Polish retail chains, mainly because they speed up the time of customer service at the checkout. Devices of this type raise the standard and prestige of the store, and thanks to useful functionalities - large touch screens facilitating operation, friendly graphics in high resolution, a simple and intuitive process of searching for products on scales - customers can efficiently shop, increasing their comfort and convenience. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer who will come back to his favorite retail chain!